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Domestic Violence
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"Real Men don't Hit Women". This quote is music to the ears of most. However unfortunately the reality is quite different. In India there are several legislations for protection of women. Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code provides for maintenance of a destitute wife. Section 498 A of IPC is related to mental cruelty inflicted on women by their husbands and in laws. Section 304 B of IPC deals with cases relating to dowry deaths. The Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 was enacted to deal with cases of dowry demands by the husband and his family members. The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 provides for grant of maintenance to a legally Hindu wife and also deals with rules for adoption. Then why have another Legislation for Protection of Women? The uniqueness of this legislation is that for the first time the Parliament recognized a "relationship in the nature of marriage" and not a live in relationship simpliciter. The Domestic Violence Act deals with five categories of relationships who live or have lived together in a shared household when they are related by a) Consanguinity b) Marriage c) A relationship in the nature of Marriage d) Adoption and e) Family members living together as a Joint family

Immediate Stay Order
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A ‘stay’ or ‘stay order’ is defined as the act of temporarily stopping or postponing any judicial proceeding through the court or legal authorities in India, in order to secure the rights of a citizen. It could lead to the suspension of a case, or even the suspension of any specific proceeding within an ongoing case. In the case of any key development that may require it, a judge may decide to issue a stay order without even formally prompting the other party or even a request being made to them in this regard.

There are two types of stay orders – ‘stay of proceedings’ and ‘stay of execution’. A stay of proceedings, as mentioned in the scenario above, is issued by the court in case there are parallel proceedings that take place, and which may affect either one. A stay of execution refers to the complete halting of the enforcement of a verdict or judgement against someone, for example when it is believed that a person is innocent and is given a pardon. This means that stay orders can persist conditionally or even absolutely

Offences Against Public Tranquility
Most Experienced in Roiting Cases

We were the Advocates of Twenty locals who have been arrested and 400 others booked for allegedly rioting, assaulting and unlawful assembly during Ram Navami procession in Malad West, Advocate Aman Bhartia and his Associates were Experienced in Rioting Special Cases

If you lend someone money and never see that person again. it was probably worth it.

— Advocate Aman Bhartia.